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Gorgeous - Everything It Should Be - And More
(Updated: August 30, 2008)
Overall rating
Flavor / Mouthfeel
This Review is based upon a blind sample.

Very close to Emerald, absolutely gorgeous and natural looking. It has a lens like clarity making this this Absinthe a real pleasure to behold.

Rich and intriguing. It's heady with notes of Licorice from Fennel and Anise. There's something deep and herbal that strikes a nice balance. The heat of alcohol is strong but doesn't compromise the bouquet at all. Tantalizing and fresh. I would have liked some of the more floral or alpine herb notes but this is nit picking - the aroma is excellent.

Extremely beautiful Louche. Lots of swirling trails of different shades of green from the lightest Peridot to deeper currents of Emerald - all quite beautiful. Nice shimmering Opalescence to the finished Louche which is creamy and delicious looking, dense without being dull - the color is a definite plus. A light green with a few swirling trails of darker green hues that remain until that final stir. Mouth feel is wonderful, creamy and luscious without being milky or sticky.

In a word - Delicious. This is not a delicate Absinthe. The Wormwood gnashes at your tongue and the bitterness is quite pronounced even with sugar. There's a gorgeous balance of sweet Fennel and lovely Anise to balance it out quickly and a soft bite at the back of the throat that's refreshing. I was impressed with this Absinthe very much - it's powerhouse of flavor and those initial flavor notes hit you up front and hard. As I finished my glass I could detect lot's of other herbs but I can't think to name them. I can tell you the taste is well rounded, rich and anything but subtle.

The Finish
Not as smooth as I would have expected, the heat of the alcohol has a definitive bite that lingers. But fortunately the delicious sharp taste of the wormwood entwines beautifully with sweeter notes. No peculiar aftertaste just clean and bright.

Final Impression
I loved this Absinthe. It has so many of the characteristics I look for but usually only find one or two in one brand and then others in another brand. The great pleasure for me here was, they were all together. The taste is dramatically bold even at a 4:1 water ratio. I was tempted to add some additional water but didn't want to lose the full throttle flavor. In short this is an Absinthe I could drink regularly without getting bored in the slightest.
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