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3.7 17 0.5
A tasty, distinct treat.
Overall rating
Flavor / Mouthfeel
All tastings from a bottle opened four months ago, some glasses sugared, some without. All are carafe pours.

Color: While not unattractive, it doesn't seem entirely correct to me. It's more on the yellow side of things, with peridot as an accent, instead of the other way around. If there were more peridot, this would reach a 4.

Louche: Some gradients very early on, then some fun, stormy billows with a yellowish line sticking around until a little over 1:1. It almost missed a 4 because it was done so soon.

Aroma: I really like the aroma of Obsello. It has a different set of scents than I'm used to, this being my first absenta. I smell the mint, vanilla, and slight citrus that others have noted, in addition to the usual suspects.

Flavor: This has a light, clean flavor, with wormwood dialed back a little. As noted in other reviews, there is mint here, though it is subtle and adds another dimension.

Finish: The overall flavor doesn't linger long, but there is a hint of bitterness beckoning another sip. Only a tiny amount of numbing can be felt. Another category that just barely made it to a 4.

Overall: I enjoy drinking this absinthe and I find the flavor very pleasing. If this flavor profile has similarities with some other absentas, my curiosity has been piqued!
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