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3.7 17 0.5
Absinthe from España
Overall rating
Flavor / Mouthfeel
Presentation (no points): Obsello Absenta comes in what looks like a dark wine bottle, with an attractive label. A healthy amount of wax seals a t-cork. This review is based on a freshly opened bottle imported from Spain.

Color (4 points): A light natural green. Clear and free of sediment. Very attractive and natural looking. It could have been slightly brighter and more vibrant in color which is why I gave it a 4 instead of a 5.

Louche (4 points): The louche was practically instantaneous, as one might expect with the relatively low alcohol percentage. While relatively quick, it was full and attractive, and with bright light in the background some faint orange hues can be seen in the appetizing, light opalescent green cloud.

Aroma (3 points): The aroma smelled neat really took me by surprise. I mean, holy moly this was a strong smell. Rich, minty, spicy aroma. At this point I admittedly began to feel a touch nervous of how this was going to taste. So it was to my utter astonishment that after louche, the character changed completely. Gone was the spice assault, instead was a cool, mellow, sweet aroma of anise. I wasn't sure how to rate the aroma given how unusual an experience it was - smelled neat I must say it was strong enough such that I'm not entirely sure it was appetizing, but conversely after louche it certainly was.

Flavor (4 points): After the aroma experience I did not know what to expect from the flavor, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. There is certainly mint present and you taste it initially, but it fades to the background, and to my palate it thereafter does not overpower the flavor. Instead I was then greeted with a creamy vanilla, and a mouthfeel that was thicker than I expected. This part of the tasting was my favorite, this creamy vanilla coming out of nowhere and blooming. As the vanilla subsides a mellow flavor of anise spreads across tongue. Not a lot of wormwood. Rating this objectively was challenging, as "appropriateness" is one of the standards cited in the rating system, with a "3" being described as "appropriate but unremarkable" - well certainly Obsello is not unremarkable, it's interesting and complex, but the presence of mint may prompt some to question whether it is "appropriate." Meanwhile a "4" would correspond with "correct, pleasant, enjoyable" - once again I'm not sure of how correct it will be considered as I am not the most experienced absinthe taster, but I certainly found it pleasant and enjoyable. Thus, I wound up at a 4.

Finish (3 points): The finish is pleasant, but is primarily made of mint and a touch of anise, but the creamy vanilla that I savor during a sip departs. Very slight numbing of the middle of the tongue. Pleasant but not as good as the taste.

Overall (3 points): I really had fun tasting Obsello, so many different things caught me off guard. Mint in general is such a strong flavor, that I can imagine it was difficult to regulate when making this, and truth be told I could have used a smidgen less of it and a touch more wormwood character, but nevertheless I don't think it compromises the drink. Obsello is a very distinct, enjoyable absinthe that offers a creamy, and yes minty, Spanish alternative to what you may be used to. I would openly encourage anyone to give it a try.
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