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A good (Czech) step in the right direction but....
(Updated: May 29, 2008)
Overall rating
Flavor / Mouthfeel
Color : nice dark olive with an amber tint but too deep.

Louche : louches correctly with slow iced water drip and specially with sugar. Quickly overwaters, needs great care. A very light (or almost none) louche without sugar and regular drip. So let's say it does louche decently if carefully prepared (hence the 3 stars).

Aroma : Alcohol is not overpowering, nice floral bouquet (thanks Veronica!), just lacks a little something in the balance, like a rich wormwood or a savory green anise aroma.

Flavor : that's where it hurts. Not unpleasant but clearly shows some flaws. Over-distilled that conducts to a non-existent wormwood flavor and almost non-existent anise and fennel flavors. Over-colored that conducts to overpowering pontica/hyssop/veronica flavors. Result : totally unbalanced.

Finish : ok the veronica leaves a nice finish, but again it lacks something like a nice sweet and biting anise finish.

Overall : It's not a bad product per se, and I'm sure Martin can easily improve it by lightening his distillation method and by having a less heavy hand on the coloration step.

This is the best Czech absinthe I've ever tasted (ok, easy one) and (I hope) soon to be a good absinthe as such.
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