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A Winner From The Windy City
Overall rating
Flavor / Mouthfeel

A thin stream from a fountain of iced spring water.

Color Before Water

A very pretty deep olive. The color is natural and quite attractive but far to dark for my taste -not the eye popping Peridot or Emerald that are so prized. But nonetheless very pretty and perfectly translucent without even a hint of sediment

Aroma Before Water

Delicious. Albeit unusual in that the Anise, Fennel and "licorice notes" were further back than I'm used to but this was a welcome surprise. The aroma is delightful and mild with wonderfully herbal and floral bouquet. No heat of alcohol whatsoever. Very clean and appetizing. But again, very faint


The Louche began quite quickly, at first swirling puffs and smokey rolls that filled my glass quickly - not dramatic in the sense of a thunder storm in your glass but very decent. I stopped the water at half way and noticed the color was almost a very light Amber. There was a nice opalescent quality at this point and if I held the glass and swirled it little glimmers of greens could be seen. At full finish the color appeared much closer to what I've been accustomed to, thick and milky with a nice olive green hue. Mouth feel is thinner than the Louche leads you to expect but for me this is a plus.

Aroma After Water

Still just as inviting but very delicate and soft. It reminded me of Martaeu in the way it left me wanting more volume to these unique and fresh new notes. There's something grass like and soothing and what I detected to be a bit floral. In short, crisp, clean and most inviting. Zero odd or off putting scents of any kind or degree.


Wow, I expected the flavor to follow the aroma and boy was I wrong. At first there's a real bite of bitter Wormwood that's really delightful and unexpected. I felt it pinch my tongue and give way to more subtle and a bit sweeter notes from the Fennel and Anise. Even with sugar this is much more of a savory drink but that said the harmonious balance between sweet and savory is intriguing and delicious.

The Finish

Nice numbing of the tongue and a lingering grassy taste with delicate hints of something minty and fresh. The finish lingers which is really very nice. There was a bit of cloying residue after it fades.

Final Impression

Exceptional, beautifully complex and satisfying. It packs a punch of Alcohol at the first few sips but this may have more to do with water ratio than anything else. Definitely one of the nicest Absinthes I've tried. I might have liked more of kick from Anise but if I learned anything from this Absinthe it's that Anise and Fennel don't have to bowl you over. They can be part a tapestry of flavors and still bring their unmistakable presence to the table without drowning out everything else.Stop reading and order yourself a bottle.
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