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One step up from Pernod and I'm not talking Fils
(Updated: October 07, 2008)
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Flavor / Mouthfeel
A crystal clear, bright green liquid in a clear bottle emblazoned with a huge eye that stares out at you and dares you to lick it. While the colour before louche is clear, it is a heightened and artificial green which makes for fun photographs but doesn't inspire confidence

Neither does the aroma which smells hugely of alcohol with a generous dollop of jelly bean liquorice. After louching, there's not much difference, except for the alcohol being somewhat dimmed

Louching is the best part of this drink. There are some lovely oil trails but it is over all too soon. The final colour is attractive but enough of that eye popping green remains to detract from it. I would have given this 3.5 if the system allowed for it

It's obvious this is an oil mix** as soon as it hits your tongue and the flavour reminds me far more of a less sickly version of Pernod (the pastis), with a possible hint of wormwood bitterness that is immediately washed over by alcohol and jelly beans. The oiliness of the drink lingers like a painful memory.

Given a choice between this and Green Fairy toilet rinse for a night out on the town, I'd easily choose this. It's like the big brother of pastis and has some pleasant and gentle secondaries (but remember kids, drink for the taste!). The problem is that it costs about twice as much as a pastis and isn't anywhere near twice as good.

**Editor's note: according to the brand owner, La Fee Parisienne is 100% distilled, with no added essences or oils.
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