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La Muse Verte - A Very Pleasant Surprise
(Updated: July 29, 2008)
Overall rating
Flavor / Mouthfeel
*The bottle pictured here is not the current design. The bottles now have a new label, the same matt finish jet black glass

A slow drip from a fountain of ice water.

Color Before Water
olive, not eye popping but it's natural and attractive. I had a tiny bit of sediment with each pour. Others haven't had this issue. My guess is shipping in the dead heat of summer caused erosion to the cork. No points lost.

Aroma Before Water
A lovely herbal and floral nose with the Anise and Fennel not so upfront - there's balance to it. At 136 Proof I expected some real heat from the alcohol but there isn't. A definite plus.

Impressive. Nice oil trails and a lazy roll of turbulent waves that puff up at the bottom of the glass. It's like watching storm clouds in slow motion - great fun. The color is typical, milky white with the a slight green tint.

Aroma After Water
Delicate and floral with a splendid side of Anise and herbs. It's very clean with zero funk or odd, off putting aroma.

Delicious. La Muse has no sugar whatsoever - The Wormwood is sharp and up front. It's savory and more complex than any US available Absinthe I've tried.

The Finish
A gentle numbing of the tongue - no lingering aftertaste. But it ends quickly, leaving you little to savor.

Final Impression
At $65 La Muse Verte provides great value. More sophisticated palates may long for deeper complexity. It's not that La Muse lacks delicate nuances, they're just not as pronounced. La Muse is lovely, crisp and flavorful - I would recommend giving it a try.
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