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just got my own bottle of century
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I received a bottle of Century absinth and found it to be ok. it sure did take a while to get it (I don’t know why) but when I did get it they sent me a few gifts as well (probably because this bottle was stupid expensive.) they gave me two perforated spoons and shaped sugar cubes which were playing card suits. The color is a deep moss green no doubt do to the unnecessary amount of thujone. The louch is a very typical Czech style luoche, meaning not much of one. The aroma was very herby with a hint of anise. The flavor again is a very typical Czech style absinth. The finish seemed to leave a bitter but smooth taste. It also seemed waxy but that may be cotton mouth from smoking before that. Over all I give it a 3, ok for a Czech style absinth. I also want to say that I don’t think its right to say on this site that this doesn’t classify as and absinth because it is. Maybe not a traditional French style absinthe but it is none the less.


[editor's note: Nowhere is it said that Century is not absinthe.  It is in fact categorized under the Authentic Absinthe section. ~ Shabba]

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