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These people can't be serious
(Updated: December 04, 2010)
Overall rating
Flavor / Mouthfeel
This infuriates me. The word absinthe has no place on this attractive bottle full of bad mouthwash.

The color may as well come out of a bottle of scope, which by the way tastes better than this, and claims in no way to be absinthe.

As far as aroma, it is a portent of things to come. Things I didn't want. I had no sense that this would resemble absinthe in any way. It smelled like another concoction, and one that some might enjoy, just not me.

Flavor. Yikes. alcohol, bad mint-like touches, after-shave, chemicals and confusion.
It in fact might pass as a different drink, and rate better. As an absinthe however, a 1 is fair.

Louche was thin, but it almost happened. A weak cloud formed.

Finish. Yes, it almost finished me. I simply can't think of anything to say here.

Overall, this is an insult to absinthe. Call it anything else for the love of God, but not absinthe. I can actually imagine people drinking this and enjoying it. Sad, but true. What was it P. T. Barnum said? Not one person in the room was able to drink more than a sip or two. They were being generous.
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