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4.0 17 0.5
Bold and complex - a great change of pace
Overall rating
Flavor / Mouthfeel
*Received as sample in absinthe explore set from

Appearance - Clear, attractive, and natural. In fact, it was the most obviously "natural" color among our samples - there is nothing artificial about its appearance.

Louche - While pleasant enough, Roquette doesn't put on the spectacular show that some of the other samples provided. However, once louched, it was correct in appearance: not too opaque or translucent.

Aroma - This was the point when we knew we had something special. The aroma of the herbs in perfect balance filled the entire room. As soon as the water hit the absinthe, it was as if we had fallen into an herb garden.

Flavor - Extremely interesting. This is not what we had pictured when we thought of "absinthe" (wormwood and anise). This is much more complex with many more colors going on aside from the usual suspects. To be so rich and complex, it is extraordinarily well-balanced. There is nothing that stands out too much and overshadows the other players - everything complements the product as a whole.

Finish - Long-lasting and pleasant herbal finish. It definitely adds to the experience.

Overall - Of our ten samples, this was the favorite. Although it was vastly different than the other absinthes, there was something "extra" with this one. It is definitely not typical or pedestrian, but truly felt artisanal as opposed to a mass produced product. This will definitely have a home in our collection.
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