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It's no mystery - Mystique is magnificent
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This review is a long time coming from me, given that I first started enjoying my bottle of Doubs Mystique in October of last year. Given that I've just finished it, I've decided it's high time to post my thoughts.

The only thing which I found lacking in the Mystique is the first category of the rating system - color. A lot of folks have essentially said that it's the appropriate greenish color with a bit of yellow, but my experience was reversed; I found it to be yellow-green with a flush of the appropriate peridot.

That being said, the Mystique was excellent in almost every other respect. The aroma is heavenly, and while the louche was a bit too oily to be perfect, I have to credit it with being active for a long time and finishing with a fine opalescence. The flavor itself is fantastic, with an exceptional wormwood taking front and center, yet balanced finely with fennel, anise, and a hint of lemon balm. The finish is likewise exceptional, hanging onto the best qualities of the flavor so well that you simply must have another sip.

In short, if this absinthe were more cost-effective, I'd gladly have a daily dose. I won't say that it's not worth every penny, because it is - but with more than a couple other absinthes which are just as worthy and are also a bit less expensive, it won't be able to claim my top spot for numero uno. Nonetheless, cost aside, the Mystique is definitely in my top five.
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