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A Solid Absinthe
(Updated: September 15, 2011)
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Flavor / Mouthfeel
*Edited: I now, a year later, feel sugar is simply not needed with this. Also, the louche in the last couple bottles seems to form more easily than my first bottle. My notes in the louch section reflect the change.

I was Doubious (sic) when I saw the screw cap, and a bit sad when I saw how small the bottle was, then realized it was 500 ml, and only LOOKED smaller. Enjoyed at 4:1 with no sugar.

Color: Lovely bright sparkling light green peridot with a touch of yellow. Really pretty.

Louche: Formed slowly and evenly with nice trails and clouds with a clear layer above. The final color was wonderful, and had an opalescence I enjoyed. In my first two bottles from a year or so ago, I found the louche needed a little extra work to coax into fullness. Very, very cold ice water, and a slow drip was needed for the louche to be at its best. My last two bottles however, had a louche that formed more easily, at a steady slow wispy build, ending in a perfect opalescent glow.

Aroma: Very inviting. I knew I'd taste wormwood from the aroma, and the anise was clear and inviting as well.

Flavor: With my first sip, I thought of a beefed up Vieux Pontarlier; with more flowers and herbals. It really had the same maker's hand in it... Classic with a twist. Wormwood was right there, fennel and anise supported it it perfectly. Hyssop, coriander and perhaps a touch of melissa made themselves known. Very tasty.

Finish: Wonderful as well. It builds, pulls at you, the slowly fades leaving a linger of spice and herbs that demands you keep sipping. Just the right tingle.

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