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This Doubs is the REAL deal
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Flavor / Mouthfeel
I was very happy to see the old Doubs completely overhauled.

The color is a very nice peridot yellow-green. No visible sediment.

The louche tends to take a little while to develop, but it benefits from a slow and very cold water drip. If you drip slow enough (my drip was set at approximately 1 drip every 1-2 seconds through a glass dripper filled with crushed ice) you get a very nice build from bottom to top with a distinct layering up until about 2.5:1.

The aroma is a whopper. Very strong fresh alpiney wormwood profile.

A well balanced flavor. Like Absomphe mentions, the wormwood comes out pretty strong in the beginning, but after a few sips, it tends to round itself out. I think this absinthe might benefit from a few minutes of resting in the glass before louching. Also, although I VERY rarely sugar my absinthe, I think this one would benefit from it, if you don't prefer the forthrightness of wormwood. I for one enjoy it tremendously.

Finish was long and pleasant.

Overall, the new Mystique is a very nice compliment to any collection of absinthe. One that is very easy to drink, and will satiate even the most discerning of palates, while at the same time provide a pleasing experience for any novice.
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