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Magical Marteau
(Updated: October 07, 2008)
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Flavor / Mouthfeel
From the moment you pour this slightly pale mix of olive and peridot green into the glass, you can smell what I believe is the same grape base that Duplais Blanche uses. And this makes perfect sense, as the drink comes from the same distillery.

As you watch the drops of water land and splash, a lovely swirl of oil trails leads you through the transition of the absinthe into a milky green white with hints of refractive opal. This is a louche worth watching and waiting for.

Once the drink is ready, take some time to breathe in its aromas, as you will find a balance that fills the gaps missing in other bottlings from the same distillery such as Duplais Verte and Mansinthe. This tells you everything about the taste to come, which is a fine balance between the holy trinity of herbs, smoothed out by a slight vegetal note, which lingers on the tongue.

Maybe the colour could be deeper and the mouth feel a tad creamier, but then you might lose the qualities that also make this my new go-to absinthe for Sazeracs. Get a bottle of Marteau and fill a small atomiser with it for the perfect Sazerac, but once you've done that, take your time enjoying what I consider the finest absinthe to come out of the Matter-Luginbühl distillery to date.
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