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4.4 8 0.5
The hammer and gavel do not disappoint.
Overall rating
Flavor / Mouthfeel
Presentation (no points): Tall dark bottle with a classic looking label with symbolic touches provides a stately presence on my absinthe counter and should keep the light out to preserve the pleasant color. This review is based on a new, freshly opened bottle.

Color (5 points): Beautiful bright and natural green, clear and free of any sediment. This is what you want to see in a verte.

Louche (5 points): A really remarkable louche, comes in after a reasonably short period of time and slowly blooms to a rich and full opalescence that is very appetizing.

Aroma (4 points): Anise up front, with a subtle layer of wormwood neat, pleasant. After louche a note of citrus becomes a descant over the melody of the classic trinity of herbs.

Flavor (4 points): A very tasty absinthe, definitely on the sweet side, with plenty of green anise flavor and some grassy citrus highlights.

Finish (4 points): I really like the finish on this absinthe, the citrus lingers and just the slightest hint of numbness on the tongue prompt you to take another sip.

Overall (4 points): I wish this was readily available in the U.S., a quality absinthe that is very pleasing to drink. It has the classic flavors one would expect, with some nice overtones and a finish that lets you pick it out from a crowd. Wish I had ordered a liter.
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