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Kubler births a blanche fan
(Updated: March 31, 2009)
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This is my second absinthe and first blanche, opened two months ago.

Color: Clear. A blanche is a blanche is a blanche.

Louche: With a carafe of ice water and the steadiest of hands, the louche happens too rapidly for my taste. I could see a fountain allowing for a far more attractive louche, though without opals or pearls.

Aroma: Crisp and clear, making for a refreshing summer drink. The anise is far forward, as others have noted.

Flavor: With a half of a sugar cube, this is a treat! The forward anise is a pleasant flavor to play with on the tongue. After the two months of being open, the alcohol kick has mellowed and a subtle minty bitterness has come forward, balancing out the anise very nicely. Since these are the two main flavors I can detect, I would presume the minty bitterness to be wormwood. Note: My palate is still new to absinthe (still having difficulty discerning fennel), and is generally unaccustomed to bitterness, which leads me to sugar this brand.

Finish: It's over far too soon. There is a slight creaminess which only makes me wish it had more. The anise aftertaste is pleasant, and makes me want another sip.

Overall: The simple, straightforward aroma and flavor of Kubler make for an excellent absinthe for a beginner to learn some basics and to train the palate. With it this affordable for the volume (I paid $52 for the liter), Kubler is an great "everyday" absinthe, and I hope to always have some on-hand. Note: I have had difficulty finding the right water:absinthe ratio for my taste with Kubler, though it is possible that it shifted with the age of the bottle and as my palate has developed. This review was done with approximately 3.5 water to 1 absinthe.
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February 07, 2014
I enjoy this Kübler absinthe very much. After coming home in the afternoon, I sip slowly the wonderfully colored and flavored Kübler. Too many of the reviews, while they may well be written by people much more experienced than I, seem to miss this absinthe's qualities. I have recommended it to others. Here, we do not have many choices in absinthe so of the offerings at my store, I reach for the Kübler has have others because I got the last one on the shelf today.
1 results - showing 1 - 1