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Kubler - Terrific Absinthe - Great Value
Overall rating
Flavor / Mouthfeel
Kubler was my first bottle of a Blanche Absinthe and I was most eager to try it, and of course compare it to the many Verte Absinthe brands I've tried to date and for the most part really enjoyed. The open bottle was left to breathe for thirty minutes or so and a carafe of ice water used to dilute the Absinthe and develop the Louche.
Color Before Water
Crystal clear. Absolutely no sediment. There's the slightest viscosity to it, otherwise it looks and pours much like Vodka or any other crystal clear liqueur.
Aroma Before Water
I really love the aroma, but then I adore Fennel and Anise. I found the Anise and Fennel vapors the most strong and prominent. There are lighter notes which I found hard to place and even harder to describe. It's crisp and there's a far away hint of pine, as for the wormwood or any other herbal or botanical aroma I was hard pressed to perceive it. The heat of alcohol didn't seem to be as strong as I expected. All in all a nice scent, pleasant and uncomplicated.


Talk about a fast Louche! the Louche begins immediately upon the addition of water and expands dramatically fast throughout the glass. Like a thick white smoke it swirls and rolls, getting thicker and more dense until it reaches a milky white color with the faintest - and I mean faintest hint of blue. It does Louche but the speed at which it happens is a bit of draw back, still fun to watch though. Just don't blink your eyes or you'll miss it.
Aroma After Water
The Fennel and Anise still dominate. But those softer undertones of a Pine like scent were absolutely detectable. The aroma may not be dazzling, but it's appetizing and clean with nothing off putting or peculiar about it.
Very sweet, but not in an artificial way. Again the Anise and Fennel really lead the pack and pretty much over power anything else. After a few days and a few tries I would roll the Absinthe around my tongue and it was here that I could pick up a bitter bite of Wormwood to offset the sweetness. I would venture to say that if they boosted the Wormwood a bit more up front, the taste would be more like a higher end Absinthe and less like Sambuca.
Kubler is still a very tasty palatable drink, I would avoid the use of sugar, even if this is your first glass of Absinthe as the natural sweetness is more than enough. This aside I find it delicious and the mouth feel that's very pleasant but perhaps a bit thin.
The Finish
Delicious, although the sweetness lingers it does give way to bit more complexity. Kubler is absolutely devoid of any funky or strange aftertastes.The sweetness does fade and leaves a taste of Anise and Fennel on the palate which is really quite nice.
Final Impression
Kubler is a fine Absinthe - is it top shelf? I wouldn't think so. However it's a quality product and makes for a tantalizing, refreshing drink. I would also say it's most reasonable price point of around $50 makes it an excellent buy as well.
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