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The answer is in the sugar!
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I had fairly high expectations for this bottle when it arrived, and while at first glance (or glass) I was disappointed, I'm more appreciative of the nuances this absinthe offers now.

At first, the aroma was tremendously fruity, almost wine-like. The color was lighter than I'd like, and the louche moderately fast and layered, but not much action.

My mistake was to have that first glass with one sugar cube, as is my custom. I was immediately overwhelmed with Juicy-Fruit gum, sweetness, and very, very little else. I was ready to sink the entire bottle when I thought, duh! Try it without sugar and see.

Well, that's the answer as far as I can tell. Without sugar, and ignoring the still goofy aroma before water, the absinthe is transformed. The louche layers are more defined, although just as fast. Most importantly however, is the change in the flavor. Now instead of fruit being at the fore, it's just a background flavor, although still the foundation of everything that comes after. The majority of the flavor, and the finish, is all traditional absinthe now! Maybe not as complex as some and it seems to come all in one package, but its mostly there the way it ought to be.

Now I can finish my bottle and be happy!
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