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Happy Angel
(Updated: November 25, 2011)
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*Edit: Angelique now has far less wormwood being used in its coloration, hence the huge difference in my impressions on bitterness, and those in the other review. It is a vast improvement according to those who have had both.

I have to say, this is quite delicious. It does require sugar for me, as there is a slight bitterness, but it is not objectionable. It is in fact, a welcomed, powerful presence. Prepared at 4:1 with 1 sugar.

Appearance: a natural pretty light green with a tiny touch of gold. The color and thickness after the louche is very pretty as well.

Louche: Even forming, thick without being milky, and frankly, perfect.

Aroma: Clean, fresh and crisp. Plenty of strong Wormwood, fennel and anise; in fact, it reminded me of being in Claude-Alain's distillery. I opened the bottle, and was taken back to Boveresse. The simple, true absinthe aroma was undeniable, and very welcome.

Flavor: Clean, crisp, balanced, and delicious. There is a slightly bitter and in your face wormwood, but it is quality, and I didn't mind at all. The fennel is sweet and grabs you, and the superb anise is perfectly in the mix. With one sugar, it all came together, with a candy-like personality. I likely would have not enjoyed it as much without the sugar. I did not find an excessive bitterness that overwhelmed in any way.

Finish: Quite nice; complex, tingly, layered. The mouthfeel is rich and velvety without being too thick. A modest but appropriate linger. There is a tiny bit of tongue numbing in the finish, but it is not objectionable.

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