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Might not like the musician, but I like his taste
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Marilyn Manson. Not really a fan of his music. But the absinthe he's sponsored is outstanding. Quite worth your while if you get a chance to sample a bottle...

Appearance: IMO, one of the prettiest, short of Jade, that I've seen-- clear, bright, nicely green while still being all-natural... neither too pale, nor too dark. There are few out there that live up to this.

Louche: Also among the best. Thick, pale green... beautifully translucent. Put a light behind it, you get nice shine-through like sun behind the clouds, while being thick enough to hide the light-source... In my experience, only Jade is better.

Aroma: Good, solid, nice. Not something I'm strong on evaluating, but it seems correct, complex, and intriguing to me.

Flavor/Mouthfeel: Also, really nicely done. As best as I can tell (being not the most experienced absintheur out there), it is entirely correct, well-balanced, and tasty. This one's done right for flavor.

Finish: Really, the only flaw I find. It's still acceptable, but there is too much burn, I can taste the alcohol too much, in the finish. Doesn't ruin the drink, and it's not sub-standard-- other aspects of the finish are still really nice... but it does drop it (IMO) down to an "acceptable" "3" rather than deserving the more exceptional "4".

Overall: it's good stuff. Well-made, solid-- worth respecting as a stand-out. Truthfully, because I drink absinthe more for taste than appearance, I may still prefer to reach for Lucid on ordinary days-- but I acknowledge that in the big scheme of things, this is a higher-quality distilling job.

Again-- if you're not a fan of Marilyn Manson's music, don't let that push you away from this quality absinthe. If you are a fan-- worth appreciating that the man's got good taste in other areas too.
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