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My very first, from memory.
(Updated: March 04, 2009)
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Admittedly, it has been just under a year since I finished my bottle of Lucid. However, since it was my first absinthe I wanted to share my thoughts. I have since tasted around 10 COs in my first year of absinthe, so my hindsight is thus colored. (Macerated?)

Bottle acquired February, 2007.

Color: I enjoyed Lucid's green. It was correct and not pale like some of the later batches, as noted by others.

Louche: I can't say it was opalescent, but I feel Lucid gave me an *excellent* introduction as to how a nice louche looks. Very enjoyable, and all my glasses were carafe pours.

Aroma: The transformation and opening up of absinthe's aroma upon the addition of water was another thing I that endeared me to the drink as a complete novice. As the bottle of Lucid aged, I enjoyed the aroma even more.

Flavor: Though I can't disrespect Lucid because it was my first, it hadn't totally convinced me that absinthe's flavor was "for me." Almost. Kubler, my second, would clinch it. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the "licorice" talk was inaccurate, due to the crisper, herbal, and far less cloying flavor of anise. I enjoyed the subtle bitterness of the wormwood, and was glad it wasn't front and center for my first experience. (I'm still somewhat of a bitterness wus.) However, the strong black pepper-like flavor really got in the way. I do not have fond memories of it at all; it even overshadows the "murky" aspect to the flavor that others have noted. My distaste for this pepper note may mean I'm not a fan of coriander, but I can't be sure. The murkiness felt like a sort of barrier preventing me from fully experiencing the herbs.

Finish: I was struck by the milkiness of absinthe, and am happy to have had Lucid introduce me to this. I don't recall the immediate finish after a sip, but recall really enjoying the flavors staying with me for an hour or two after I had finished the glass.

Overall: Here is where we catapult back into the present. It is an excellent starter absinthe, not too complex, has all the right components, and is well-made. The bottle only got better as it aged, but that pepper note was still there. Lucid will always have a place in my heart having been my first, but since my absinthe explorations have taken me elsewhere, I can't envision buying another bottle in the near future. It's not my first choice, but I would not refuse it if offered.
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