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Good everyday absinthe, an authentic introduction
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Flavor / Mouthfeel
I haven't had a bottle of Lucid in the house for some time, so I took the occasion of its new local availability to buy some and hence, to review it in the light of some other similarly priced absinthes I've had recently.

Color - Lighter than I remember, but certainly the correct hue for a verte.

Louche - One of the strong points of this absinthe, Lucid produces a substantial louche that rolls like the fog over the bay, just like it should, while leaving a clearly defined green layer just until the very end.

Aroma - Perhaps the weakest aspect of this absinthe, it has an appropriately spicy nose that hits the right fresh herbal notes, marred only by the occasional whiff of something akin to burnt plastic.

Flavor - Ultimately I drink Lucid for the flavor, which as many have said by now, is "Jade-light" in nature. Well balanced and clean, without any surprises for me.

Finish - Dry, light, and, although clean, presents the merest hint of a "funk" that I can easily look past.

Overall, if Jade Edouard represents to me the essence of what an absinthe should be, then Lucid reflects, through it's maker perhaps, enough of that essence to be a good value given it's ready availability.
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