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4.4 10 0.5
Schweetly Herbaceous
(Updated: August 09, 2012)
Overall rating
Flavor / Mouthfeel
Before Water: Pale amber.

After Water: Creamy straw with light green tint.

The impressive louche was repeatable with different methods (slow pour vs. brouilleur); nice bouncing tendrils and well defined, rolling fog bank.

Before Water: Aroma is VERY floral with alcohol heat.

After Water: L'Art has one my favorite absinthe aromas of all time. Wonderfully, sweetly floral wormwood that's smoother than it is brisk; fruity; full, yet clean and refreshing.

The great things in the aroma are reflected well in the flavor. Sweetly floral wormwood upfront with fruity herbaceousness and softly creamy support from anise and/or fennel section, followed by some mintyness as we move to the finish. I can't tell for sure but I suspect a subtle grape base contributes the great flavor profile. I'm amazed at how sweet and full this tastes without being cloying in the least.

Here we start to get a bit more brisk zing from the wormwood as the sweetness fades cleanly with a pinch of alcohol heat and perhaps a specter of spice.

Could be a 4 or a 5; It's at least as good as the best COs that I've tried and is only eclipsed by some pre-ban I've sampled. Some folks may look for more complexity, contrast or depth, but for me the uniquely refreshing flavor really transports me; it's almost like some kind of anti-candy. Too bad it's no longer for sale, but I'm grateful for the chance to try it.
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