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Not what I expected, but enjoyable!
(Updated: March 23, 2009)
Overall rating
Flavor / Mouthfeel
Prepared with no sugar and a slow, ice-cold drip.

Aroma pre-louche: Heavy anise. Very floral, if you will. Well balanced and smooth. There is a dark, musty, dried-fruitiness that is really alluring. On pouring and allowed to breathe in the glass, the aroma thins and becomes more anise than anything else. A slight hint of alcohol becomes more apparent. Something hints at chocolate.

Color: A gorgeous peridot green. No hint of yellowness. Unmistakably absinthe.

Louche: The wormwood makes its first appearance as the louche begins to develop. The aroma returns to the mustiness found before being poured, and becomes very sweet. The louche itself is unremarkable. No real suspense, and the usual layering only lasts a short time. The color is very nice when finished, but more than anything the aroma takes the stage here.

Flavor: All wormwood. No anise. A slight hint of mintyness and fennel. There is an almost off putting back note to the flavor, but only as an aftertaste. There is definitely something spicy and dry that holds back any sweet flavors. In fact, to me, there's almost no perceivable sweetness at all. I think a cube of sugar might help coax forward the more subtle sweetness that seems to be held back by an overwhelming woodiness. Very good mouth feel.

Overall: I really like this absinthe. I wouldn't call this absinthe sweet by any means, but the flavors begin to "cool off" as the glass gets emptier. I think it is good, but missing real complexity. A more blended flavor emerges towards the bottom of the glass that seems to get a handle on the overwhelming wormwood character of this drink. Perhaps not a great starter absinthe, but good. This absinthe definitely benefits from sugar, but still retains a heavy wormwood character. I'm really digging it with the sugar!
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