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Jade PF1901 Review
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This is my first review of an absinthe, and I have only had 3 or 4 brands before this consisting of what was available locally. The Jade PF1901 is my first import as well, and I'm satisfied with my decision to order, although it was certainly not inexpensive. I chose the brand as I heard it was a good example of a traditional absinthe flavor, something that I didn't have access to locally.

What first struck me with this absinthe was the aroma, I immediately knew I was in for something different than what I had known so far. Complex, with the anise being very soft yet present, like the canvas for a painting. The wormwood was most noticeable to me as it was a rich smell that was not as prevalent in the other brands I had tried.

The color before louche is a very nice, bright, but natural green. No sediment or cloudiness whatsoever.

The louche was a bit slow in coming but once it finally arrived it was full and appetizing.

The flavor was much more complex and subtle than what I expected. The anise is softer and more mellow than what I've had before, which more easily allows the other flavors to come out. I've yet to identify all of them specifically but together they are a very pleasing and evenly distributed combination.

The mouth feel is nice, and the finish ends with a slight tingling of the tongue.

I rated it a 5 overall, as it was definitely a substantial step above what I have had before. And while I still have somewhat limited experience, Jade PF1901 has definitely changed my perspective on what absinthe in general should taste like.
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