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Upon opening the bottle and decanting into smaller sampler bottles for more secure storage, it's amazing how well the color held up in this vintage batch. The fuille morte was definitely there, but even so, there was still a natural 'greenness' to it. Beautiful peridot hue. Much brighter than expected from something of such age. No visible sediment. Quite clear.

Water brought about wonderful oil trails straight from the beginning. Almost completely louched by the time it reached about 2:1. Not a whole lot of layering though.

Aroma before louche: Strong nose of anise and fennel with hints of wood, grass, citrus and bubble gum.

Aroma after louche: The anise and fennel have relaxed a bit, but still dominate. No discernible (sp?) alcohol punch.

Taste: Very crisp and clean with a bit of a peppery bite at the end. The freshness reminds me of sipping on ice cold water from a mountain stream (aside from the bite, of course). The flavors are well balanced. It doesn't have as much of an 'aged' taste to it, as one would expect from a pre-ban, but delightful, nonetheless.

The taste and color would make you think more of the ideal current CO instead of a pre-ban. The effects of aging have been conquered by this bottle. It truly is amazing to know that this is from 1914. It's something that absolutely MUST be experienced. Of all the vintage I've tasted, this along with the Pernod Tarragona are at the top.

I'm saving another bottle to not be opened until 2014, upon its 100th anniversary. Will post another review then! :)

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