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More blanche, please!
(Updated: March 31, 2009)
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Flavor / Mouthfeel
This is my blind tasting review from September, 2008. No sugar, carafe pour, tasted the same night as the blind sample of Siréne. Before that evening I had tasted Lucid, Kubler and Leopold Verte, #s 8 & 10.

Color: Clear. Shimmery crystal.

Louche: Started fast and finished fast, like Kübler.

Aroma: Fresh, a sweetness to it that I like.

Flavor: My notes from last night say the following: Having these two back-to-back shows me how much more I have to learn w/r/t describing flavor! More fresh overall than sample #1. A very nice balance to my palate. I can see why La Bleues are described as having that alpine meadow character, which I find myself preferring at the moment.

Finish: Some numbing, very little creaminess (due to a possible over-watering.) [Edit: The second glass from the sample was quite tasty, so it ended up being overwatering.]

Overall: I look forward to having this one with sugar to compare experiences and see if/how the flavors become rounded. If this were a head-to-head tasting, I'd take this one over the verte. (And then be fascinated when a year from now I do just the opposite!)

Like with my Lucid review, I scored all the categories from my impressions at the time, and scored the overall with hindsight. I really enjoyed this drink then, and still do, though then my overall may have been a 5.
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