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The Big Daddy Of Lucid
(Updated: October 07, 2008)
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Flavor / Mouthfeel
In the glass, this is a pale and perfectly clear olive. After a solid yet unspectacular performance in the louche, the final colour is a tad thin, but still has hints of opal at the meniscus.

The strange thing about this absinthe, in terms of the aroma and the flavour, is just how similar it is to Lucid. It's definitely more complex, warmer and rounded, but if you think of a flavour profile as a graph along the taste buds, the shape of the curve is really quite similar to Lucid.

It has a nice dry finish, seeming to concentrate more on the anise on the way down and then lingering with the wormwood once it's over. Due to its relation to the original Eduoard, I had some idea that this would be a more 'manly' absinthe like the Raymond Thi 1914, or at least that's what I've been told. I see it as more conventional than that, with a more rounded flavour. Still, the flavour is the exact reason I keep coming back to this marque, as I watch the other Jades stay level in the bottle.

One other puzzle that I'm still trying to figure out is that the earlier Jades seem to have a different grape (or marc) base, one that somewhat overpowers the herbs. This bottling is from 2008, and along with a Nouvelle Orleans, does not exhibit that same spirit base, at least to my grape sensitive taste buds.

To complicate matters, I have to say that at this moment, the Edouard is my favourite of the Jade absinthes. While the PF1901 has a magical and creamy floral quality, this one is easier to drink for me, which possibly has something to do with a change in the base. But I'm just speculating.

I dub thee Big Daddy Of Lucid. Translation: if you like Lucid and have a desire to try something better but similar, do not hesitate to fork out the cashola for this, my favourite drinking absinthe from Jade Liqueurs.
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