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General Articles & Editorials

A Glossary of Common Absinthe Terms

Special thanks to Luc—admin and creator of heureverte.com, the French language absinthe forum, and proprietor of the brick-and-mortar store, Vert d'Absinthe—for kindly recording the French pronunciation sound bytes. If you find yourself in Paris, stop in and say bonjour!

Click on the speaker icon speaker to hear the proper pronunciation of French terms (mp3 format).

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Absinthe Dilution Matrix

“Nobody Said There Would Be Math!”

Water, water, everywhere, and I didn't stop to think... Ratios?  Proof?  ABV?  How does it all relate, interact, and affect my enjoyment of my absinthe?  Well...

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Absinthe In Context

" Absinthe is not like the other spirits ...  True absinthe is pastoral. It's crafted by distillers who take pride in their work. It doesn't yield to fads, fashions, and buzz. And although it demands a proper process, it rewards with an experience that can't be replaced by glitz and glam ..."

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Absinthe: The Rise, Fall and Resurrection of the Green Fairy

Looming like a succubus in shadowed, febrile dreams, absinthe awaits you patiently; she knows you will come to her.  As all who explore the world of spirits—eventually, inexorably—you will be drawn to the Emerald Muse…

No drink throughout history has inspired so much fear, awe and allure as absinthe.  That’s no small accomplishment considering that its prime years spanned only several decades and its life, from birth to ban, spanned little more than a century, but what a century it was!

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Old Absinthe House Continues To Charm

In 1918, Aleister Crowley, the British occultist and writer, composed a lyrical essay on absinthe and aesthetics titled "The Green Goddess." He wrote his essay not in London or Paris, but in New Orleans – then the absinthe capital of the United States.

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The Lure of The Purple Fairy - A Parable

Imagine a world where wine was illegal; it had been banned for centuries. No one knew where to get it or how to make it. Wine has become the stuff of legend.

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The Shaky History of Thujone

Look up absinthe anywhere online and chances are a reference to thujone won’t be far behind. One internet forum got so tired of constant questions about it that a word filter changes the word "thujone" into the image of a pork-chop whenever it is typed. It has been called the active chemical in absinthe, a dangerous neurotoxin, and a hallucinogen, but only recently have we seen through its distorted past to get a full picture of thujone and its role in absinthe.

Read more: The Shaky History of Thujone


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