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Absinthe Dilution Matrix

“Nobody Said There Would Be Math!”

Water, water, everywhere, and I didn't stop to think... Ratios?  Proof?  ABV?  How does it all relate, interact, and affect my enjoyment of my absinthe?  Well...

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Yes, Real Absinthe Is Legal In The US

Absinthe FlagIt's true.  After 95 years—from 1912 to 2007—real absinthe is now legally available and being imported, manufactured and sold in the United States.

It's not actually correct to say that it's been "legalized" because no laws have changed: absinthe has been technically legal since at least the 1960s, possibly as early as the 1930s.  So, what happened?

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Wormwood Society On Small Screen Network

inspiredsips.pngRecently Wormwood Society founder and maker of Marteau Absinthe , Gwydion Stone, was seen on Small Screen Network on Natalie Bovis' Inspired Sips With The Liquid Muse.

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Wormwood Society on Wine Library TV

Image  Join our review editor, Brian Robinson and Wine Library's Gary Vaynerchuk in  tasting absinthe and separating myth from fact.

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Absinthe makes the mouth grow warmer

by Tara Dooley, Copyright 2010 Houston Chronicle   
12 February 2010

Absinthe is a drink that takes its time. It's nearly impossible to knock one back.

There's the delivery: A sugar cube is placed on a delicately serrated spoon suspended over a cocktail glass. Absinthe is poured over the sugar into the glass. Then ice water slowly drips over the sugar and into the glass, turning the clear or green spirit to a cloudy white...

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A Classic Cocktail

Nineteen Cocktail

1 dash absinthe
1/6 dry gin
1/6 kirsch
2/3 French vermouth
4 dashes syrup

Shake with ice. Strain into cocktail glass.

Savoy Cocktail Book, 1930



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