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These brands represent the quality range of modern absinthes made in the traditional style of the 19th century. Our criteria for what constitutes "traditional style" are based on the qualities and character of properly distilled absinthes made at the height of absinthe's popularity in the late 19th century; these were the definitive item. Briefly, these criteria are:

• Minimum 90 proof.
• May not contain sugar or other sweeteners.
• Must contain Artemisia absinthium wormwood as a main ingredient.
• Must have a main characteristic flavor of aniseed and wormwood.

For more on these criteria, read this article on Absinthe in the U.S..

If you would like to add your review, please read and follow the guidelines the Wormwood Society Absinthe Scoring Guide to determine your score.

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209 results - showing 41 - 60
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