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Traditional Absinthe
A classic, solid absinthe from Pernot
(Updated: December 22, 2011)
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Flavor / Mouthfeel 
Authentique's color is a lovely, clear and vibrant medium green, with very nice highlights. When louched, its color is just right, and is dense enough not to be considered too thin by my standards. It louches evenly and slowly with nice layering.

Its aroma is its strongest asset...delicious, rich, and promising. Pernot's classic and easily recognizable hand is clear in the scent, but it is more balanced with anise and fennel than its big brother la Berthe de Joux, and has a more traditional personality than Perroquet. It fills the room with the aroma of a distillery as it louches. Very nice. One of my bottles broke in my hand as I unpacked it from the box, its contents soaking into my office carpet. The aroma filled the office for nearly a week, even after cleaning the carpet. It made me feel like I was back in the distillery, as I had been 3 weeks before! They replaced the bottle quickly, no questions asked. It was a nice reminder of my trip, and many clients asked "what's that great smell?"

The flavor might just be the most balanced all-around blend of the trinity Pernod has produced; the Pontarlier wormwood is distinct, but the anise is right up there in a nice balance, as is the fennel. It is warm, classic, correct, and has just enough floral elements to have depth without being overwhelming.

The finish builds nicely and lingers just right, with a rich enough mouth-feel to not be watery, or too heavy. All the elements in the aroma and flavor present themselves step by step in the finish, and it fades off with a nice mild tingle.

I prefer it at 4:1, where the alcohol is less present than at 3:1, which in my opinion, is underwatered for this absinthe. It may be Pernot's best all-around daily drinking absinthe yet, as it walks the balance line nicely while still highlighting their tasty wormwood.
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