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Traditional Absinthe
Good satire to the Val de Travesty
(Updated: October 27, 2011)
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Color: A lovely crystal clear light peridot. Very attractive. Louched, it was a lovely shade of light green, with white and hints of blue.

Louche: Builds at a nice steady pace with distinct layering. A lovely shade of light green, and a pretty translucent glow when complete. A bit on the thin side, but not overly so.

Aroma: Clean, crisp and promising. A light herbal profile reveals itself as water is added.

Flavor: Wormwood up front with a tactile, but pleasant bitterness. There is a strong pungent edge to this wormwood, that I'm on the fence about. I had to take it to 5:1 before I found it tasty enough to enjoy, however, It was a bit thin here. There is a sweet element as well, so I had to be careful about too much sugar. For me, it needed just a tad. Tasty anise as well, wrapped in a strong herbal blanket. A very different flavor than I expected from Matter, but interesting. I'd describe it as herbal, with a slight medicinal edge...lacking in the floral and spicy elements I enjoy so much in other Matter recipes. If you like a strong and forceful wormwood, you may enjoy this more than I do. It's good, just not one of my favorite profiles.

Finish: Good mouthfeel at lower dilutions, but thin at the 5:1 I settled on. A strong pull, with layering and build of all the flavor elements. Again, nicely bitter, but not overly so.

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