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Traditional Absinthe
Pretty Parrot
(Updated: October 14, 2011)
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Sampled at 3:1 and 4:1 with and without sugar, over a month of drinking this.
I enjoyed it every way I tried it.

Color: is a very natural and light peridot. Were it a tiny bit deeper and richer it would have been perfect for my eyes.

Louche: For those who consider action important, thick swirling trails turn slowly to smoke, then build into a rolling fog. Lovely to watch. For me, the ultimate test is the final louche; a lovely light green with opalescent light play.

Aroma: A warm yet crisp and inviting aroma neat. The grape base was clearly evident. A subtle woody quality that promised good things to come. Upon adding water, the grape base opens and a light herbal aroma wafts up. Inviting and promising.

Flavor: Artful, light, balanced, floral, fruity, warm, crisp, delicious. A perfect blend of the trinity with light spice and florals. Anise is backed up by fennel and a lightly bitter and delicious wormwood. I am sensing the sweet floral influence of pontica as well, along with a sweet conifer edge of hyssop. The grape base is absolutlely wonderful, perhaps the best grape base I've experienced; it is warm, round and sophisticated. Not at all overpowering in any way. I could drink this forever and never get tired of it. There is a slight warm woodiness in the background that is just wonderful that again, is perhaps part of this fine grape base. I have downgraded it to a 4, as I sense the slightest bit of alcohol from time to time, and its "oak barrel" sister is an improvement on this. I love
this flavor profile, and it is a favorite everyday "go to" for me!

Finish: A very nice finish that pulls lightly, unfolds, and lingers. Very nice tingle at the back of the mouth and tip of the tongue. Sweet, yet slightly bitter...a gentle and very nice finish. I was left with a warm velvet-like feel from the grape base. A delicious fennel hangs in there until the end.

Overall: Pernot is gifting us all with great absinthe. Between Maison Fontaine, this very nice absinthe, and Berthe De Joux, they have redefined commercial French absinthe and established themselves as one of the best there is.
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