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Traditional Absinthe
Unbalanced and unpleasant
Overall rating 
Flavor / Mouthfeel 
Color: Beautiful jade green with a very slight yellow tinge (artificial looking).

Louche: A little slow to start but then too quickly becoming very turbulent with brief nice trails and then almost instantly becoming very milky with no opalescence. Thick oily meniscus, much thicker than normal but then disappears much too quickly.

Aroma: Before water, lemony pine and VERY alcoholic. After water, very disappointing ... definitely not herbal or room filling. You really have to get your nose in the glass to get anything. Unfortunately, when you do the aroma is very pine scented disinfectant like with a hint of rubber?

Flavor: Overwhelmingly pine and wormwood! Some star anise and pepper at the front with a slight mintiness noticeable in the middle. A very piney and pasty aftertaste at the end that thickens with every sip. Very bitter and astringent (even with sugar). Where is that unpleasant pasty pine taste coming from?

Finish: Very biting and tongue numbing with that very cloying pasty pine taste that doesn't go away. I really couldn't drink anything afterwards because of the persistent thick, pine, pasty aftertaste.

Overall: I really couldn't finish a glass of this. Absinthe neophytes that try this as their first absinthe will likely be turned off to absinthe altogether ... I certainly would be. I applaud LDF for trying to develop an affordable absinthe and hope they will work to improve Nemesinthe based on these reviews. I also hope they are using the authentic process. I can find no references as to how Nemesinthe is made ... the color alone makes me suspicious. I've sampled this twice now (one time too many ... to be honest). More water did not make it better. I wouldn't use this in a cocktail, etc. for the same flavor and finish reasons I mentioned above. Unfortunately, this ranks as one of the worst absinthe I've ever had. Hopefully, Nemesinthe 2.0 will be better.
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