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Everyone move over, and let this one in!
(Updated: December 02, 2009)
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Okay, so I've been waiting, and waiting and..... Now I have died and gone to absinthe heaven. From my understanding, it wasn't easy to get this off the ground and on the shelves with all the government red tape. But good things come to those with patience, and there is already a loyal following, well at least here in New Orleans. It's hard for stores to get past that eighty dollar plus price tag. My store made me prepay, but they gladly ordered and got it in for me quickly.

Color. Is a remarkable resemblance to a peridot gemstome. A light green hue which is very appealing, and is that of a true naturaly colored absinthe.

Louche. Slowly building nice layers with a healthy oil trail. Nice opalescence, and when finished was slightly milky with a light jade color.

Aroma. Robust and very aromatic. Pleasantly fills the room and I can keep my nose away from the open bottle.

Taste. Okay, here's where it really got a hold of me. My first sip exploded on my taste buds like a million new flavors and I was so taken back by it that I couldn't even sort them all out! Very rich and spicy. The spices are explosive, and mind boggling, with different flavors coming out at different times from the first sip, to the after taste. Absolutly amazing.

Finish. I don't want to finish! Overall a wonderful "experience", standing apart from the others. Truly lagniappe!

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