Absinthe Vendors

Absinthe Vendors

 Image • DrinkUpNY.com - New York, USA.  Stocks most of the absinthes now approved for US import and sale. Offers free shipping inside the US on orders over $99. 
 Image • Catskill Cellars -  Downsville, New York.  A full selection of American absinthe as well as the better European brands. $13.50 Flat-rate shipping within the continental USA, free shipping for orders over $150
  Image • Absinthe Classics - absintheclassics.com - France.  Sells an excellent range of the best French and Swiss absinthes.
Image • La Distillerie Les Fils d'Emile Pernot - France. Nice selection of traditonal premium and mid-range absinthes from a century-old absinthe distillery.
Image  • Liqueurs de France - www.absintheonline.com - UK. Good selection of premium and mid-range European absinthes as well as other artisanal spirits.
Image • ABSINTHE.DE - www.absinthe.de - Germany. Wide selection of premium and mid-range European absinthes.
Image  Artemisia Distillerie Artisanale - www.absinthe-suisse.com  - Switzerland.  Home site of Claude-Alain Bugnon, creator of the "Clandestine" line of absinthes.
• Vert d'Absinthe - www.vertdabsinthe.com - France. A brick-and-mortar store. Good selection of absinthe and accessories. Very knowledgeable proprietor. Orders taken online also.
Image   • Absinthesalon - www.absinthesalon.com - Australia.  Sells a good range of the better French and Swiss absinthes as well as glasses, spoons, fountains, etc.


ABSINTHE ACCESSORIES (Glasses, spoons, fountains, etc.)

We  highly recommend iHeartAbsinthe.com for absinthe accessories for all our North American members.

Recommendation Policy
In order for us to recommend a vendor, they must have demonstrated a history of reliability, integrity, customer service and satisfaction,  fairness in pricing and marketing language, and offer a good range of quality products with a minimum of mass-market novelty items such as faux-absinthe products.

We specifically recommend against any vendor who places undue emphasis on thujone content, the mythical hallucinogenic or aphrodisiac properties of absinthe, or sells do-it-yourself absinthe kits.  Part of our mission is to educate the consumer and prevent them from being misled by businesses selling grossly inferior and incorrectly identified products at astronomical prices.

A Classic Cocktail

Absinthe, French Style

Add into large bar glass:

1 wineglass absinthe
4 dashes gum*

Fill dripper with ice water and allow the water to drip slowly into the bar glass until full.

* Syrop Gomme, or simple syrup.

Mixed Drinks and How To Make Them
The Bishop and Babcock Co., 1900.