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Preparing Absinthe In Society

Properly preparing a glass of absinthe isn't as complicated as you may think.

Absinthe enthusiasts often refer to absinthe preparation as the "absinthe ritual", but it's not very different from making a cup of tea.



Absinthe Evaluation Tutorial

Do you know how to tell a great absinthe from a so-so absinthe?  What does one look for, or demand, in a glass of absinthe?  Just as with fine wine, fine absinthe has a whole language and system for evaluation and tasting.


Akveld's Artisinale Absinthe Verte

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Akveld's Artisinale Absinthe Verte

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Ton Akveld's verte style absinthe, based on Serge Helfrich's well renowned absinthe.

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A new take on Helfrich
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Appearance: deep, inviting peridot green

Louche: Wonderfully thick and opalescent with yellows, greens, and whites all dancing around in there. Well done.

Aroma: Room filling, even before any water was added. Unlouched, you pick up lots of anise and wormwood. Louched, you get a big herbaceous punch. Lots of wormwood and a bunch of anise. Quite inviting and complex.

Flavor: A nice balance of the typical trinity, with the sweetness from the anise, a hint of earthiness from the fennel and nice astringency from the wormwood. I swear there's something like mint or peppermint in here as you do tend to pick up a bit of a cooling sensation. A touch of white pepper from what I'm guessing is coriander. Very nice.

Finish: Just a hint of tongue numbing. Nice mouthfeel. The flavor sticks with you for quite some time. There's just a bit of bitterness at the back end.

Overall, an enjoyable absinthe. Similar to, yet distinctive enough from Helfrich to make it worthwhile to try on its own. I'm happy to have it in the collection!
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