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What ya drinking tonight?

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Pacifique for the first time and I swear something is wrong with my bottle. It barely louche and just seems off.I posted about it in the brand forum section if anyone would please chime in on thoughts. I put up link to pics.

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There was a batch that had only a very faint louche, but that was quite a few years ago, and I haven't heard about any recurrence of that particular issue.


It makes me wonder if you somehow got a hold of a really old bottle.

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Hey Cajun if you ever end up out in CO and hit the OB Brewery hit me up and we'll have a Ten Fidy! There is also a little European cheese shop in same town with a good Absinthe selection at the bar.

If I'm ever in the area I won't be a stranger, sounds awesome! :cheers:


Apparently, great minds really do think alike.


And so we. :cheerz:



Aloha Golden Meadow.

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Melvin Lambda Lambda Lambda Triple IPA.


On tap at Elizabeth Station for Melvin National 2X4 Day, and happily for me, also today.


Almost as tropically fruity as 2X4 with a really heavy and creamy body.


It's definitely a sipper, but very drinkable for a 13% brew with at least 120-130 IBUs, and probably more. :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

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Bellingham's own Structures Brewing Die in Haze Triple IPA.


The finest local brew I've had, by quite a stretch. Inspired by Trillium's super-respected IPAs, this goes theirs one better.


Remarkably tropical fruit juiciness, from start to finish, with a dense (but, paradoxically, almost light and fluffy) creamy body, and a beautifully dry, lengthy finish. There is almost no hint of the 10% abv, here, and sipping this wonder is like enjoying a fresh fruit smoothie blended with delicious hops.


I can't believe I was lucky enough to snag a couple of growlers of this stuff on the day after the Washington Hop Mob Roadshow on tap at Elizabeth Station.


You may be right, Greytail...that joint just could well be the most wonderful place on the face of the planet. :cheers:

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