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What ya drinking tonight?

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Ah, that swill brings back some fond memories of the summer of '72 in Worcester, Massachusetts.



Bourbon Barrel aged Dark Star 2015 today.

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Meme Jesus Plus.


Even More Jesus aged in brandy barrels and on cacao nibs.


Wonderfully roasty, strong bitter chocolate and obviously quality brandy barrels.


Much drier than I was expecting, and super tasty! :thumbup:

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Almanac - Vanilla Cherry Dogpatch

Prarie - Funky Gold Simcoe

To Øl - Fuck Art, Let's Dance on gooseberries

To Øl - Nelson Survin

To Øl - Sur Amarillo

Firestone Walker - Bretta Rosé

Alvinne - Cuvée Freddy batch 3

Avery - Tectum et Elix (barrel-aged series 26)

Avery - Insula multos Collibus

Ladyface - Coquette

Ladyface - Verrückt Weizen

Libertine - Scrappy

Libertine - Wild IPA

Libertine - Joker

Libertine - Jove

Libertine - Summer Breeze with peach and raspberry

Mikkeller - Spontangreenapple

Cascade - Blackcap Raspberry

Cascade - Sang Noir

Green Flash Cellar 3 - Natura Morta Plum

Highwater - Ramble on Rose

Tahoe Mountain - Dark Ages, Brett stout

Tahoe Mountain - Récolte Du Bois, apricot saison

Toolbox - Old Bayard

Toolbox - Chêne Sauvage

Toolbox - Ruby

Grimm - Echoplex

Smog City - Spittin' & Cussin'

Smog City - Cuddlebug

Smog City - Snugglebug

Stone - Barrel-Aged Saison w/ blackberry

Lost Abbey - Framboise de Amorosa


Stone Sour Fest 2016

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Cajun - the Reserve is very good as well. If the Ambre is like fresh fruit, the Reserve is like dried fruit; deeper and more mellow but arrived at from the same starting point. There's something about Pierre-Ferrand's celler-master's taste I really like. If you like the Reserve and are open to a recommendation, try the Hine Single Cask Lignieres-Sonneville (a K&L Exclusive) or Tesseron 90. Just a thought. Ave brother.

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Mudbug Brewery's Café Au Lait Stout.


Thanks for the suggestions Distill! I'm further appreciating Cognac and looking to branch out. :cheers:


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