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What ya drinking tonight?

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If you've ever had the really fancy colas (like Fentiman's or Virgil's)

Had a Virgil's yesterday for the first time. Good stuff.

I wouldn't call it fancy, just natural. Definite flavors of real vanilla, cloves and other choice goodies. Like an artisanal cola.



Definitely. It's my favorite cola ever. I meant fancy in a good way!


Ellisir Novasalus. Amaro, neat and room temp.


Nose: plant roots definitely. Brussel sprouts. Smells quite savory. Olive oil.


Taste: Woah. After all those sweet amaros, I was not expecting this bitter bomb. The first sip, all you taste is crazy bitter flavors. But the second, the third, the rest. They get sweeter as your tongue acclimatizes to bitter. Then you start to get the orange and lemon. The bitterness isn't stinging though. The mellowing out it does is rather interesting. Intense, strong, dark chocolate. Caramel. Drying taste - by that I mean like a dry red wine. Toffee. Burning wood after taste. I can see this pairing interestingly to a dark chocolate cake.


Quite nice. At such intense bitterness levels, it's definitely an acquired taste.3.75/5.

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Good stuff. I almost always have a bottle on hand. It goes fast after it gets opened though.



Indeed. The bottle is cool looking as well.

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If you like it neat, you'll like it mixed.


As for American small batch gins I have been disappointed in most, except for the distilleries that make an absinthe. Must be an extra bit of attention given to those botanicals

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High Water Brewing Campfire Stout.


Its taste and texture are very reminiscent of liquefied s'mores, only somewhat sweet, and slightly smokier. Delicious stuff!



Melvin Brewing Imperial Red.


The tropically fruity hops of the 2X4 combined with a fuller malt backbone that seems to impart a strawberry-like characteristic, like that found in Sierra Nevada Bigfoot.


I'm not generally a fan of red ales, but this one is more dynamic and well crafted than most.

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Kulshan Brewing's Bull of the Woods Double IPA.


Light pilsener malt acting as a totally unobtrusive delivery system for some copiously dynamic and clean fresh hops. :thumbup:



Also, Kulshan Reisterbrau Imperial Stout which I've noticed is a fairly accurate representation of the Courage Imperial Russian original recipe, and the standard bearer of the style, being quite roasty and baker's chocolate flavored, with a decided pear and smokey background.

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