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What ya drinking tonight?

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Man, I haven't had a glass of McEwan's Scotch since the early eighties.


Yup, it's historic, alright. :wheelchair:



Avery Mephistopheles today.

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@Joe - I didn't realize you all let your fine spirit rest. Very cool. (Not everyone does this, right?)


About how often does a batch usually hang around before bottling occurs?

It's a do-what-we-can kinda thing. We try to rest everything at least 6 months but sometimes (with our tiny distillery) that's just not possible. So, we try to keep the cage full and rotate the stock when an order comes in. We never know how much down-time a case will get in the warehouse which is one reason we include batch numbers on our bottles. It gives us a real idea of how long it takes for a bottle to go from production to the drinking glass. It doesn't really mean much but it is something of great interest to me and Julie.


Regarding other distillers, I wouldn't presume to speak for them. We all know a little rest is terribly valuable, or as Julie said the other day on our most recent batch, "That's really good but like most youngsters, it has pimples. That will clear up in a couple of months." She's right as rain, of course. A freshly made bottle of absinthe is very tasty but needs a little time alone before it comes into its own.

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A 1914 Pernod Fils that has been hidden in the sock drawer for just this day ;) thanks again Eric! I am going to enjoy this one

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I'm having a glass of Jade 1901. Julie is having a glass of CLB grape base.

We started cleaning out cupboards, bars and stashes and decided to go old-school tonight. I couldn't believe some of the things I found: protos from Marcus Lion, unopened bottles of very aged Ike, Wormwood Blanche and a variety of other things most people would never recognize. Several years worth of education that brought me to where I am today... freezing my ass off in a Rocky Mountain winter...Cue


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