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What ya drinking tonight?

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Just made a sidecar with the new Pierre Ferrand Dry Curacao that David Wondrich helped create. I gotta tell you, it is something special.


paired it up with the Pierre Ferrand Reserve Grande Cru, and I'm quite, quite pleased. Now, to decide if I have another...



Part Deux...

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Switchback Russian Imperial Stout from Two Beers Brewing in Seattle.


Brewed with molasses, oats, rye, wheat, chocolate, and roasted barley.


Aged in brandy barrels for six months on cherries, vanilla beans, and cacao nibs.


Black as night with a tan two finger head that recedes quickly into a lasting ring. Thick, oily body which supports flavors of huge dark chocolate, vanilla, raisin, blood orange, cedar shavings, coffee, cherries, whiskey, brandy, port, clove, kumquat and banana. This strikes me as almost a Quad (in the Rochefort 10 style)/Russian Imperial Stout hybrid, and I mean that in a really good way. I think that when it dies down a bit, and the flavors have a better chance to blend, this will improve with the additional aging. Along with Fremont Bourbon Abominable, this is at the top of my list of Washington State brews.

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