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What ya drinking tonight?

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Greetings, all. Hope you're well. Some fine imbibing going on here! I concur with Songcatcher - great post, Buddasyth.


And how deliciously synchronous, my fellow ale folk - just yesterday, I enjoyed both the Founders Breakfast Stout and the Boulevard / Pretty Things Stingo. I found both at my new favorite booze shop - an old, old place that I've passed a million times. They somehow manage to "acquire" beers that don't normally get distributed here. Awesome. That Founders just got better and better as it warmed up, until it transmuted into a delicious alcoholic coffee. The Stingo was nice too - tart edge was a hair distracting, but not too much. Pretty complex brew.


So after a long day of brewing my first attempt at a "belgian stout-gruit" (or gruit-belgian stout, I dunno), I got to work on the leftovers from that 2nd 750 of La Fin Du Monde from the other night. That went quickly, so I've moved on to some more of that amazing elixir, Dogfish Head Bitches Brew - black as night, viscous enough to leave legs in my glass, aroma of deeply roasted barley, alcohol, and sweet honey, and the mouthcoating richness and complexity of a dark chocolate liqeur.


Cheers. :cheerz:

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Indeed, good sir. Ten thumbs are better than two. :wave2:


A pint of Samuel Smith's Oatmeal Stout with a side of buttered raisin-toast before bed.

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That sounds like a magnificent session!


Yes, it was an awesomely magnificent session! The Rubis was an intriguing rouge, the red had faded and it was an interesting yellow orange, looked kinda like pre-ban. Tasting L'Ancienne for the first time was a treat, very interesting dualism of fresh-verte-springy herbs and vintage books n' leather.


The comparison between Jade VS Nov. '05 and VS March '12 was pretty interesting, definitely the same product, the '05 was less alpine freshness and a more rounderer, powderyer range as one might expect. While we were very careful louching the CF Berger to a sweet spot just above 3:1, I think our ratio for the Jade was accidentally a bit higher. But still, while Jade VS is one of my favorite COs, the real Berger completely stole the show and we were hesitant to sip any other beverage and ruin the symphonic super-sustain finish. The role that aging plays has always been a subject of much speculation, but after several CO and prototype Berger clones, none of them really comes very close to capturing what we had. I could see the VS evolving into something similar, but the aging would have to bring significant changes to the profile, particularly the heavy earthy-savory-bitter wormwood notes on the bottom end and a taming of the enjoyable but not-quite-subtle Jade grape base.


I was a bit nervous about the Duval-Dubied circa 1895 since unlike the Berger, haven't run across any reviews (I know it was a grand Marque, origins possibly predating the beginnings of the Pernod dynasty, but wasn't sure how it had aged). Fortunately it proved to be a true 5-star pre-ban experience in its own right. Ironically it had a reddish gold and ultimately very pink color, which prompted us to joke that the Rubis looked more like pre-ban and the DD looked more like a rouge.


And to top it all off, our colleague John awesomely brought the remainder of his PF 1914! Wonderful to revisit this treat with its honey and bubblegum front end, multifaceted spice melange gem in the middle, breaking into white pepper with wormwood singing in the finish.


Took lots of pics and audio notes, but doing justice to those pre-bans in writing will be a major review challenge.


Big thanks to Brian for his help in making this time travel possible! :thumbup: :euro:


Ok , now I’ve definitely exceeded my typing quota for a single post in this thread, but well, it was an experience y’know? :cheers:

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Mexican Mojito, or so did the place call it. Tequila, Orange liqeuer of sorts, muddled mint leaves, lime, agave syrump/nectar/whatever, and soda water with some ice. Reminds me of a frappe visually. Not bad, if a tad sweet. Refreshing. More so than the ancient iced tea that i ordered with the meal. Meal and iced tea sucked, but drink was ok.

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Speaking of which, doesn't that temporary prohibition remain in effect in the Czech Republic?


I hope the 2012 L'Ancienne can still be released on "schedule".

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