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Tenth Ward Absinthe Nouvelle

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If you are in the Washington, D.C. area (or otherwise in striking distance of Frederick, MD), I suggest you pay a visit to the Tenth Ward Distillery’s tasting room on Patrick St. in downtown Frederick.  First and foremost, the absinthe is good and quite traditional.  Some time ago I tried their product and found it respectable but with room for improvement.  That was batch 12, I believe…they are now on 21 and I think the product is very good and closing in on top tier.  Certainly it’s one of the very best absinthes for the price (750 ml bottle was $45 last I saw).

Next, the tasting room offers a nice atmosphere, and they know how to properly serve absinthe…no BS.

Third, they offer other spirits and a variety of tasty and unique cocktails.

Final note…if you can’t get to Frederick, I would recommend looking around for their product…I know they carry it at Total Wine in Columbia, MD., and it’s likely available elsewhere in the region.  I’m a big fan of the Jades and have tried many absinthes that I have enjoyed, but Tenth Ward is a real gem in my backyard…very pleased with the way they’ve improved their recipe.

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