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Brian Robinson

Downtime and Rebirth

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Hey all.  Been a spell!

As you probably know, I spend most of my time managing the other platforms for the WS (Reviews, FB, IG, Reddit, Twitter, and TT), so I haven't had much time to spend here in the forums.  That said, I hope to be able to come in once or twice a week from now on just to stay current.  Now, for the updates and news:

1) You might have noticed the forums and site were down for about 6 weeks.  This happened during the ownership transition.  Yes, you read that right.  Ownership transition.  As of about 6 weeks ago, I completed the purchase of the Wormwood Society from our founder, Gwydion Stone.  We all felt this was a smart move for multiple reasons.

  • Gwydion simply didn't have the time or interest to keep it up
  • I didn't have much more time than G, but my interest is there, as is the capital to have others help keep it up to date with fresh content and redesigns
  • Since G was affiliated with a brand, having me purchase the site and having Gwydion step back from operations will lend the site even more credibility as a source of unbiased information without conflict of interest.  We will continue to maintain an advisory board made up of a diverse set of people from all walks of life.  Gwydion will continue to be referred to as our Founder, but will not have any active association with the society other than that of a general member.
  • With everything that has happened in the absinthe community over the past year, I felt it even more important for the WS to be at the forefront of the industry evolution.  We've now got a chance to stay relevant as well as help drive policy and get out in front of potential new consumers.

2) Part of the problem with the transfer was the redesign we were planning.  Something got mucked up in the process of transferring some data.  That seems to have been fixed.  However, we will see some MAJOR changes to the layout of the main site in the next couple of weeks.  We'll still have the forum.  We'll still have brand reviews.  But we want more.  And we want it more easily accessible.  So we're doing a complete overhaul of the main site and updating all of the joomla and IPB software and licenses.  We're also going to be adding areas to review books about absinthe, restaurants, retailers, movies, etc.

We're also going to be holding some contests over the next few months to drive reviews and site visits/links/mentions, etc.  These contests will involve photo submissions (to help build out the cocktail section), reviews (they shouldn't all just be me!), and much more.  Prizes will include things like rare or unique bottles, cocktail books, vintage samples, etc etc.  Be on the lookout for that info on the main page soon.

And if you haven't yet, please like and subscribe to all of our social media profiles to help grow our presence on the web.


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