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Jade Blanchette

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Late, but... what they all said. There's no reason to bother with anyone else. They're good folks who have served this community well. The huge majority of sites are merely predatory and will sell anything for a buck.

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I can't talk about the discreet flavors and identify the culprit, but there is a taste about 3/4 of the way through the initial flavor cycle™ that makes me screw up my face. Compared to the VS which seems to smoothly transition through the complexity of flavors the Blanchette seems somewhat discordant

I think this bottle will sit on my shelf a long time!

I though the same thing when I first opened my bottle. There was something in that that just tasted... off, and a little rough.


After leaving the bottle sit almost untouched for about 6 months, I notice a distinct change in the flavour. The "off" roughness is gone, replace by a smooth, warm, dark herbal flavour. Not as bright and crisp as the Montmatre or CLB, but definitely something I'm going to keep in my bar. Just need to let it age for a while.

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Well this was my first true quality absinthe. Been a few hours now and can still tell I had a glass earlier, but in a good way. Just faint reminder really , not like absente or some lesser brand I've tried that so overpowering you taste it strong. Anyway heres my first attempt at a review.


Color Before Water: Well indoors it seemed a little yellowish hue, outdoors it looks much clearer. But since indoors for most I'd have to give this a



Louche: I thought this was really good least to me being new to better absinthe. Lasted longer I believe and had better action during the process than the absente and La Fee I tried in the past.



Color After Water: MUCH better than cheap brands, very creamy looking but very white. I was amazed at this part really. Had the best louche I've seen yet, but isn't saying much since this is my first real quality brand.



Aroma: Again much better than cheaper brands, as it doesn't give one the sense that they just stuck a black jellybean up their nose. Much much more subtle and dynamic than overpowering cheap stuff.



Mouth feel: Feels smoother and more creamy than a low quality brands. Almost silky to me somewhat.



Taste: Again with the more subtle flavor of anise, not like overpowering bottled jellybeans the other brands I've tried give off. Small bite and the first splash in the mouth, then mellows out nicely for an overall pleasant taste. I do also detect other subtle flavors that I am not familar with yet. It's nice to see more than one flavor in an absinthe drink.



Overall: Very smooth, not overpowering much better experience than lower quality versions. I'm still warm from the drink half hour or more later, really something. Much better than the stuff I had been used to, very pleased. I think for me next time I'll try with sugar cube.1 to 3 ratio was used, then 1 oz more after smelling and sipping.


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A 1L bottle of Blanchette would be amazing. 

At first, I found this absinthe to be a little too subtle and delicate for my tastes, but after getting through a whole bottle, I really learned to appreciate how well balanced and easy to drink it is.  Definitely something I will always try to keep in stock.

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