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Sensatonics.de Thoughts?

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I don't know if I should've went with Absinthes.com or LDF, but I took a chance on these guys Sensatonics.de and ordered 4 bottles last Monday morning, I ordered my first François Guy litre bottle and two of the Clandestine variants Angelique Verte and the Charlotte La Capriciesue and one of the introductory offers a litre bottle of Lasala with two absinthe glasses and two absinthe spoons.  Has anyone bought from them before, I was checking my tracking and it seems that my package is still in Cologne since Wednesday afternoon, I was hoping it would get here for Friday for the St Patrick's weekend here in Ireland so I could have a louched verte on the very day, so it seems now I won't get this till Tuesday as Monday is a bank holiday in Ireland, anyways looking forward to this arriving.  The bottle of Angelique on their site, I'm not too sure if its the 2007 version 1 or the 2008/9 version 2, was looking at the Angelique thread and there was a number of complaints about a bitterness from the AA colouring.  Does anyone know the version that is in this image of the product from the Sensatonics website.


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