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Spoon display board - need advice

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Hi all! 

Long time no see; I have had some hectics years, learning a new career and finding a couple of jobs.  I even moved to another city last year.  But I just finished a week of being sick with the flu, had the time to peruse the web, got hooked up again to the absinthe world through the Facebook page and wanted to ask advice on how to do something.

I am barely using absinthe spoons these days, so I wanted a way to display them and enjoy them.  I thought of making kind of a board / picture frame to which I could hang them; even having the option of removing them for use, if need be. 

I have purchase a glass-free frame.  I want to attach the spoons to it with some hardware - as I said, with the option of taking them out - but I do not know what to use.  Does someone have any ideas?

I include a pic of the frame - the empty space you see at the bottom is waiting on the arrival of an antique spoon from Marc's website :)

frame 2.jpg

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