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A Shipping Query

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Just made an order from Alandia of Suisse La Bleue and the VDF bottles and a brouille top, just confused at bill receipt.

suisse La Bleue 49.00 Euro

VDF 45.00 Euro

brouille top 9.90 Euro

shipping and handling 21.50 Euro 

Tax 20.02 Euro

equals 145.42 Euro yet my bill comes to 125.40 Euro.

It dawns on me that the tax already seems to be paid in the prices of the bottle, I also got an email from Alandia paypal which seem to have the gross prices of the products and confirms to me that the tax has in fact already been paid.

Sussie La Bleue 41.18 Euro

VDF 37.81 Euro

brouille 8.32 Euro

Tax 20.02 Euro

shipping & handling 18.07 Euro

total 125.40.

So it look like the tax is already paid is this the case, I thought it was going to be 20 Euro more, so not so bad.

They are also giving me an absinthe glass, my first, so looking forward to this delivery.

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